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Posted: 31 Мая, 2021

Oil mosaic and a new method in modern painting



Many mosaics in the world are known to mankind, my methodology is adopted by a new method called "oil mosaic".

It is about building a painting on canvas using many colors, using color metamer.

Process theory and the final look of the work.

  1. Oil mosaic
  2. Methodology
  3. Depth of field
  4. Painting mosaic
  5. Metameria of colors.

The art of mosaic reflects this or that ideological concept, influences a person's feelings and thoughts, forces him to experience the reality reflected by the artist. Historical mosaic art , An imitation of the visual aging of a work paved with dark and pale geometric figures.

The simulated mosaic acquires a luxuriously finished visual that has rhythm and vibration. The viewer perceives the metameria of colors, a feeling of time travel and spiritual uplift is created.

The uniqueness of the oil mosaic is the dynamic gradation of the color gamut, which is one complete composition - portrait, landscape, abstraction and still life.

This method allows us to repeat the mosaic flow of old frescoes in the oil that is built with this method.

Unique is the circumference obtained with oil paints, which is obtained with the contours of small figures, the contour wraps the work and gives us an imitation of glass or stone.


First of all this process called oil mosaic consists of various construction principles.

With the dissolution of the oil paint and (often using different gammas of one or two colors) begins to form a background on a well-stretched canvas, the wallpaper plays a very important role in the final look of this process, creating depth between the background and the surface color.

The wallpaper can be played with gradations between dark and light which creates a very interesting composition. There is also only a line to create a dark background which is mostly black or dark blue.

After drying the background begins to be painted with oil-colored miniature geometric figures, the figures are mostly cubic or small squares, the artist chooses an ornament or an abstract composition, I do not use outline and the great process of aesthetic work is due to the two lines:

We can use multiple colors on top of each other in a similar way to the mosaic method, but in many cases I use a single color that falls from the first tone to the last tone or from dark to bright, dark in this case. (For example, winter, which is the work of 2020, I did only in two colors, visually we got many gradations. It is possible to get 24 or more colors by decomposing colors, which is widely used in imagining shadows.) 1 cm, and if we create the work in an avant-garde or abstract flow, in this case the master is free and the proportion is indefinite.

We divide the composition built into small small figures into three or more parts in particular: horizontal or vertical pile, leaving a small distance evenly everywhere to get an oil mosaic whose surface is very interesting in painting.

The main figure with which the artist expresses the content of the work should be proportionate and distinct. Emphasized and easily perceived, at this time it is necessary to add another color to the rest of the composition, the color should be sharply different, pronounced, with outline it is easy to use.

The outer contour is essential in terms of the behavior of our oil mosaic as one complete work.


I fill almost all of my work with gold or silver contours, which is important for achieving a glass effect. However, when it comes to nature and we have to highlight the face or body, in this case I fill in many skin color particles with a white outline which gives us an amazing effect, the work will be bound together and the content will appear immediately.

The contours separate small colored particles as separate elements that depict different stone textiles or even marble.

Also delineation allows us to get extra depth, highlight the background, depth and stick the geometric part to one another.

In terms of visually enriching the work, we can create complex compositions in different ways:

With geometric figures, circles and dotted graphic elements.

We should do all this only with the right gradation and dynamics, for example the golden angel that I created at the end of 2020. The main figure in this work is an angel who is a gothic style mosaic.


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